If an advertiser's price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Posted March 12th 2013 by: Matt Mountain

You've probably seen the ads. ?Many other companies in the Twin Cities and in other markets across the country offering what seems like a great deal: "$99 Whole House Air Duct Cleaning." ?This is just an example of course but there are many similar offers in town. ?Some aren't quite as cheap, we've seen some for $149, but some are even as low as $59! ?The fact is there is absolutely no way to do proper, comprehensive air duct cleaning for those kinds of prices. ?Why not? ?Doing the job right takes time, typically 2-4 hours for most homes. ?At those prices no company could pay their technicians and still make a profit.

When you see ads like this there is likely one of two results. ?The first of these is a bait-and-switch. ?Look closely at the fine print on those coupons. ?Typically it states that the "Whole House Special" covers 10 vents and one main (the large trunk lines coming off your furnace). ?Well what if your house has more than 10 vents? ?Then you're not really getting the whole house cleaned for $89! ?The vast majority of houses are going to have more than 10 vents. ?Nearly every home is also going to have more than one main line as you need at least one for your supply air and one for your return air. ?For example: a typical 2000 square foot house will have around 20 vents, and anywhere from 2-6 main trunk lines. ?These are all additional charges that the company will add on top of the "Whole House Special" which can lead to you paying much more than the original coupon price.

The second outcome is that the company will honor the special price, but won't spend nearly the amount of time necessary to do a proper cleaning. ?The only way they can charge those prices and still make a profit is because they are not taking the time to do the job properly. ?They are taking advantage of the fact that most customers don't know what the work is supposed to entail and it's sometimes hard for a customer to tell just how good of a job they did. ?Their crews are doing 6-8 jobs a day, spending less than an hour doing what should take 2-4 hours.

Please consider letting us explain the correct process in detail and show you what proper air duct cleaning is supposed to look like. ?Understand that we do not have a "$99 whole house" special. ?We are not trying to be the cheapest air duct cleaner in town... we are trying to be the best.