That insulation doesn't belong there...

Posted March 15th 2013 by: Matt Mountain

It is quite common to find a fair amount of construction materials inside the ducts during the duct cleaning process. ?Even in new construction the ducts can be contaminated with a fair amount of debris. ?This includes but is not limited to: sheetrock/plaster chunks, screws and nails, wood shavings, and carpet fibers. ?Insulation is another construction material we often encounter when cleaning air duct systems, but rarely is there an issue like the one I ran into in early November, 2010.

What you see there is a large garbage bag filled with insulation that we pulled out of ONE return duct in a home ?The home was an older one and the homeowner had a contractor add more insulation at one point in the past. ?The insulation was blown into the attic and down the exterior walls (between the studs). ?However, the contractor failed to close off the return ducts from the walls and the insulation poured into the vent. ?The 10-inch tall, 8-foot long vent was filled 8-9 inches deep with insulation. ?Luckily we were able to get all the insulation out and inform the homeowner of the issue so he could get it fixed. ?Below is a picture of what our HEPA filtered collection system gathered from the rest of this home.