Spring is a great time to get your dryer vent cleaned.

Posted March 25th 2013 by: Matt Mountain

The snow is gone, the birds are returning, and the Twins are almost back in action at Target Field. ?You've probably got some spring cleaning planned in the coming weeks but did you think to include your dryer vent on that list? ?Spring is a great time to get your dryer vent cleaned for two main reasons.

- During the winter the flap(s) on your dryer vent may get frozen shut or blocked by snow. ?If this happens the lint may build up inside the pipe faster than usual. ?This is especially true if your vent is low to the ground as snow may pile up against the house or if your vent goes out the roof as the entire vent may have been covered by one of the many big snow falls we had this winter.

- Remember those birds I said were coming back? ?Well Spring is a busy time for them too, and they're going to need a new nest. ?Dryer lint makes a perfect construction material for nests and the inside of your vent is a great location for them to build. ?The lint is soft and warm and the birds only have to worry about protecting their nest from one direction. ?A nest can completely block off the vent meaning again that the lint will begin to build up and that warm, humid air will begin to blow back into your house.

Why is a dirty dryer vent a bad thing? ?Watch this short clip for a lighthearted explanation:

A standard dryer vent cleaning is only $85 ($105 for a roof exhaust). ?We offer great group pricing benefits for neighborhoods and associations so convince your neighbors to get theirs cleaned too and everyone saves!