Permanent furnace filter replacements can save time, money, and the environment.

Posted April 01st 2013 by: Matt Mountain

This week's tip is all about saving. ?Everyone likes to save, right? ?Read on to learn how you can save time, money, and the?environment?simply by replacing your furnace filter.

If your furnace uses a standard one-inch filter, you probably know that every 3 months you need to replace that filter and install a new one. ?Some filters are actually only rated for 30 days meaning that you need a new one every month! ?Even if you've recently had your ducts cleaned you should keep replacing these filters when the packaging says to. ?This often requires a trip to the hardware store costing you more time and money every few months. ?Some people may even put off getting a new filter or try to use a filter longer than its intended for just to save themselves the hassle. ?This can have a negative affect on your indoor air quality. ?The worst part about all this is that each time you change your filter, you are throwing another one away. ?These filters aren't recyclable so they all find their way into the landfill. ?Next time you are in the store, take a stack of filters off the shelf (however many you purchase in a year) and see just how much space your disposable filters take up! ?How do you put a stop to this seemingly never-ending task?

The answer is to replace your disposable filters with a permanent, washable furnace filter: the Electra Gold. ?This sturdy, metal framed filter will replace all those disposable filters that you buy and throw away each year. ?On the day that you would normally go to the store and buy a new filter, simply take the Electra Gold out and wash it in your laundry sink or outside with the hose. ?The filter slides right into the same slot that your current filter does. ?These filters are made of anodized aluminum (they wont rust), the filter media is anti-microbial (they wont grow mold), and come with a lifetime warranty. ?An Electra Gold filter can pay for itself in 12-18 months based on how many filters you would normally buy in that span. ?The best part? ?It's green! ?You no longer have to throw away disposable filters and add another 4-12 filters to the landfill each year.

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