A look inside the Carnegie Deli

Posted May 06th 2013 by: Matt Mountain

Recently I took a vacation to New York City. Although I wasn't travelling for any business purposes, I cant help but notice things when I travel that remind me of work. It always used to bug me when I was younger and we'd be out to dinner and my father would comment on how dirty the vents looked in the restaurant we were eating in. Fifteen years later and I am constantly noticing the same thing (although I typically keep it to myself). One of the last stops on our vacation was for lunch at the world famous Carnegie Deli, one of the must-sees if you're ever in NYC. As we were getting ready to leave I went to use the restroom and along the way noticed an open duct in the hallway. I figured I couldn't pass up the chance and snapped a quick photo with my phone. Now I realize that I may be one of the few people in the world who find this even slightly entertaining, but it just goes to show you that even in a place that has been visited by everyone from Frank Sinatra to George Clooney, if there's a duct... it probably needs cleaning.

Even famous ducts need cleaning...