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507, 2013

“One of the best contractors I’ve ever worked with.”

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On September 19th, 2012, Josh from Hopkins

“Rick left a little bit ago. I wanted to write to let you know that he was one of the best contractors/service guys I’ve ever worked with. I told him that, but I thought I would relay it directly to you as well. He was above and beyond anything I expected. I’ll make sure to recommend Mountain Duct Cleaning – and more specifically Rick – to anyone we know that could use your services. Thanks Again.”

3105, 2013

Register Restoration Project

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Posted May 31st 2013 by: Matt Mountain

This project was a little different than the typical duct cleaning job. I received a call for a commercial duct cleaning bid at a local jewelry store. They knew their ducts needed to be cleaned because the registers on the ceiling vents were extremely dirty and looked pretty horrible against the white ceiling of the store. I provided them with a bid and although they chose not to do the full duct cleaning at that time, they still wanted to do something about those nasty looking vents.

Before shot of an overhead supply cover.

I could tell by looking at the vents that they weren’t going to come clean with just a brush and vacuum and not even scrubbing or power washing would make them look like new again. We decided that the best course of action would be to clean the registers, and then re-paint them with a rust-proof paint. Another technician and myself arrived at the store before hours and removed all the registers, bringing them outside to be cleaned. We scrubbed the vents with some Simple Green cleaner, let them dry, and re-painted them to look brand new. Below is a before and after picture showing the results.

Just a slight improvement I’d say…
2905, 2013

“Look no further!”

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“I highly recommend this Air Duct Cleaning company to anyone. The owner, Matt Mountain, was extremely responsive, informative and got the job done as promised. Even though he wasn’t selling $99/whole house cleaning (which is a crock if you do see such an offer) I felt confident in his pricing. I actually inquired with 3 other companies and none of them replied to the online forms I submitted. Matt did respond and I’m glad he did. He’s probably never met a client SO excited to get their air ducts cleaned. I did a lot of research online, looked at reviews, videos, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association website and was confident that Mountain Duct Cleaning would do the job right and they did!”

— Mary, Brooklyn Park

2405, 2013

Insulation, The Sequel

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A couple of months ago I posted a story about finding a large amount of insulation while performing a duct cleaning. I mentioned how surprised I was at the amount of insulation I found, and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see that much again. Well, I should have known better…

This time, finding the insulation in the ductwork wasn’t a complete surprise. My customer actually told me that he knew there was insulation in a part of the air return; he also thought that he had gotten the majority of it out himself. After I finished the supply side of the duct system, I cut an additional access hole into the return duct where I knew the insulation was. This is what I found:

The entire duct (which measured 8in. x 16in.) was completely packed full of insulation for about eight feet. There was also a significant amount in one of the off-runs. There was so much insulation that it completely filled my HEPA collection system, overflowed it actually… three times.

All in all I was able to fill 4 garbage bags with the insulation that I pulled from the ducts. Not getting this insulation out of the duct could have had some serious consequences. Initially it would have completely cut off circulation for three air return vents. The insulation would have slowly made its way back to the filter one bit at a time and would eventually plug the filter also significantly limiting air-flow throughout the system. Pieces could have also gotten past the filter and caused more expensive problems within the furnace itself. Luckily I was able to completely eradicate the insulation from the duct work and restore the system to proper operation.