Regular dryer vent maintenance and cleaning is the key to keeping your dryer running safe and efficiently, but the components of your vent system matter too. Bad ducting materials can get pinched or damaged causing restrictions in airflow. Plastic exhaust vents on the outside of your home can wear down over time from weather, becoming brittle and breaking. Birds and other pests can also cause damage by building nests inside of your dryer vent duct system.

We carry and install a line of high-end dryer vent repair parts. These american made products can make your dryer run safer and can improve efficiency so that your clothes get dry faster. They also won’t wear out with time, making your investment one that will not only be a great value to you, but will also help improve the value of your home! Contact Us today for a free quote on any or all of these great vent replacement products.

Exterior Dryer Exhaust Wall Vent

The low profile DryerWallVent® is a superior, and safer, choice for venting dryer exhaust to the exterior. The DryerWallVent’s large opening and angled damper provide maximum airflow efficiency for safe venting of the dryer. Integrated magnets keep the damper closed when the dryer is not in use, keeping pests and elements on the outside. The larger vent opening makes cleaning very accessible.

Available in four standard powder coated colors: White, tan, brown and black. Custom colors to match any exterior are available. Made in the USA from heavy 26 gauge Galvalume steel.  Won’t fade, won’t rust, and won’t break like plastic vent covers from big box stores!

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Defender Dryer Vent Bird and Pest Guard

Zinc coated steel that is also powder coated delivers lasting protection for existing terminations. Patented vertical bars keep creatures out while minimizing lint
buildup and making it easy to clean. For full system maintenance, the easy opening front gate provides clear access for professional equipment. Won’t fade, won’t rust, won’t break!

• No-Tool-Required Maintenance Access
• Provides an Extra Level of Weather Protection
• Deters Bird and Squirrel Entry
• Helps Hide Unsightly Vents
• Works on all Siding Types

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Code-Compliant Dryer Vent Flex Duct

DryerFlex™ is a safe, effective and airflow-efficient dryer transition duct. DryerFlex combines the ease of use and flexibility of wire bound foil flex hose with semi-rigid aluminum flex. It simplifies dryer connections, protects against dangerous kinks and bends, and most of all, it protects against the spreading of flames. Other ducts bend and kink, restricting the airflow and allowing lint to accumulate in the dryer exhaust system.

A UL listing of UL2158A is required by building code and appliance manufacturers. DryerFlex is UL2158A Listed.

With DryerFlex, installations are easier and laundry areas are safer.  Click here for more information.

Long Turn Dryer Duct Elbows

90-degree dryer vent elbows slow down air-flow and add the equivalent of 7 feet of additional ducting.  Dryer-Ell® is a 10-inch radius, smooth interior elbow that reduces friction loss and improves duct performance. It provides more flexibility for duct positioning and is available in 45° and 90° models.
The Dryer-Ell is 500% more airflow efficient than other sectioned elbows.

Made in the USA from heavy 26 gauge Galvalume steel.

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