Air Duct Cleaning

Removing contaminants is the first step to a healthier home. A full system duct cleaning will benefit the health and wellbeing of all who live in the home. But how do we do it? The process is simple and gets the dust and debris out of your home.

“Source Removal” is the name given to the process of duct cleaning that is most adaptable to the residential setting. Each house is different, so it only follows that the ductwork is laid out differently from home to home. We tailor each job to fit your requirements and make sure you get your money’s worth. Our goal is to provide the best possible air duct cleaning service in Minnesota.

Here is what goes down when we clean your air ducts

  • Attachment / Access — The first step we take is to prepare the home and system for the cleaning process. The main step here is to attach our collection system to the duct work. We will need an access hole on both the supply and return trunk lines. We will make an effort to use an opening that already exists but often we do need to cut an additional hole into the duct work. We also will be making a few 1in. holes elsewhere in the duct work to get the cleaning equipment in. All holes are patched over when we are finished and will be air tight. We will also need to remove most if not all of the vents throughout your home in order to get the agitation equipment in. Simply blowing air in through the vent cover is not adequate in most situations.
  • Agitation — In order to be able to remove all the accumulated debris in your duct system we first need to knock it loose. There are two main systems of agitation commonly used in the air duct cleaning industry. Some companies use rotary brushes of various sizes which are attached to a long spinning cable and powered by a hand held power drill. These brushes work great in the round pipes of the supply off runs as well as in floor PVC systems. While some use air powered whips, which are very useful in cleaning return vents as well as the main trunk lines leading to your furnace. Mountain Duct Cleaning is capable of using  uses both of these systems! Our technician will determine which process is most adequate for each section of your air duct system. In most cases we will use both systems within the same house to ensure we are able to give you the best service possible.
  • Removal — Once the debris is loosened from the sides and settled on the bottom of the duct work, we use high pressured air (175PSI) to move the contaminants towards our collection points. Through a variety of attachments which enter the duct system either through the vent openings or through the 1in. holes which were made in the trunk lines. Our HEPA filtered collection system pulls in air and debris at 3500 cfm (cubic feet per minute) and re-distributes hospital quality clean, odor free air back into your home.

In order to properly and carefully clean your air duct system, a technician is expected to spend a significant amount of time in your home. Even the smallest homes should take a couple hours for a solo technician to clean. Know, however, that there is no set equation linking the size of your home to the speed at which a technician cleans it.

Air duct cleaning cleaning is an investment in your family’s health. Consider the quality of the service before you choose the cheapest quote. Trust Mountain Duct Cleaning to offer you the best air duct cleaning in Minnesota with up-front, guaranteed pricing.

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Are all ducts this dirty?  No… but if we can clean this one, imagine what we can do with yours!