Residential Duct Cleaning has been our specialty for over 23 years.  Honestly, there’s a lot of information on this page… but what can we say, we think details are important.  Feel free to scroll down for a more detailed description of our process, but if you prefer the short version, here’s a few things that we feel separate us from many other duct cleaners.  They’re the reasons we’re confident we can provide you the best duct cleaning experience around.


  • Air Duct and Dryer Vent cleaning is ALL we do.  All day, every day.  Making the air in your home healthier to breathe is our entire business.
  • Up-front, guaranteed pricing before we start.  No add-ons or high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Our teams take their time, spending multiple hours for even the smallest homes.
  • Honesty about whether or not your system actually needs cleaning.
  • Family Owned and Operated, locally, since 1998.
  • All technicians are full-time employees, and duct cleaning just isn’t a job, its our career.
  • Technicians train for a minimum of 6 months before working alone.
  • We follow the NADCA Standard ACR for guidance on how to clean, how to protect your home and duct system, and how to verify that the system is actually clean before we leave.


  • Duct cleaning is just one of their many services, usually secondary to carpet cleaning, HVAC service, or other home maintenance services.
  • “Whole-house” or “Flat-rate” prices that only get higher after they arrive (or after they finish).  Pricey and unnecessary add-ons such as sanitizing.
  • Workers are in and out of your home as fast as possible, sometimes not more than an hour.
  • Clean and collect $$ whether the system was dirty or not.
  • Corporate or Franchise ownership, caring more about the bottom line than their customers.
  • Sub-contractors, part-time or temp workers.  Not experts in the industry.
  • Technicians that are sent out to your home with just weeks of training.
  • No standards to follow for process.  No base line for what actually counts as clean.

We know we aren’t the only good duct cleaning company in town, but the unfortunate fact is that many others are not-so-good and it can be hard to tell the difference when you’re shopping around.  With our expertise and experience in this industry, we’re confident that we can provide you with the best duct and dryer vent cleaning services available.  In fact, we guarantee it.

Are all ducts this dirty?  No… but if we can clean this one, imagine what we can do with yours!

The full Mountain Duct Cleaning Experience:

A clean duct system is essential to the health and cleanliness of your home.  There are a lot of companies out there that offer duct cleaning.  We’re probably not the only duct cleaning website you’ve visited, and odds are we aren’t the cheapest provider you’ll contact.  What we can promise however is that our experience and expertise in this industry will leave you with a service that provides long-term value and healthy air for your family.

Cleaning a duct system properly and completely takes two things: specialized equipment and highly-trained technicians.  Only having one or the other isn’t going to get the results that you deserve in your home.  We provide our team with the best equipment available and are always testing out new tools and methods in an attempt to make our service even better.  Our technicians are also highly-experienced and we go through continuous training and idea-sharing both within our own shop and beyond.  Using that equipment and experience, our team is able to adapt to each home as we go through it, switching between various tools and methods so that we can be sure to get your duct system as clean as possible each and every time.

While we’re always adapting and problem-solving in the moment, there are some general procedures we follow.  Here is what goes down when we clean your air ducts:

  • Assessment — Our expert technicians will perform an initial walkthrough of your home, taking a look at the duct system from top to bottom.  We will ask a few questions, answer any that you have, and at the same time we are getting a sense of the layout and set-up of your HVAC system so that we can plan the best approach.  We will also check to make sure that a cleaning is actually needed.  That’s right… we’ll check first before taking your money for cleaning a system that’s already clean.
  • Access/Set-Up — Next the real prep work begins.  Its not as simple as carrying in a shop-vac and getting started (also, we dont use shop-vacs).  After laying out and needed drop cloths and corner guards, we start by attaching our collection system to the ductwork.  We use high-powered, specialty vacuum systems to pull the debris out of your system.  These are either truck-mounted or portable systems with hospital-grade HEPA filtration and fans that are 3-10 times as powerful as your furnace fan is. We will need an access hole on both the supply and return trunk lines. We will make an effort to use an opening that already exists but often we do need to cut an additional hole into the duct work. We also will be making a few smaller holes elsewhere in the duct work to get the cleaning equipment in. All holes are patched over when we are finished and will be air tight. We will also need to remove most if not all of the vents throughout your home in order to get the agitation equipment in. Simply blowing air in through the vent cover is not adequate in most situations.
  • Agitation and Air-wash —  There are two main types of agitation tools commonly used in the air duct cleaning industry; rotary brushes and air-powered whip systems.  Each of them on their own has its benefits and work great on different sizes, shapes, and types of ductwork.  At Mountain Duct Cleaning we use both of these systems.  Our technician will determine which process is most adequate for each section of your air duct system. In most cases we will use both cleaning methods in some combination, along with high-pressured air washing to ensure we are able to clean each different part of the system to the best of our abilities.
  • Visual Confirmation — We will be constantly checking our work as we move through your system, taking lots of before and after photos to make sure that we are getting things completely cleaned.  We can show these to you at the end of the job and even attach them to your receipt.
  • Patching and Clean-Up — After double-checking that we’ve gone through your entire system we will patch up any access points that were made in your ducts.  Each type of access point we make has a specialty type of closure to ensure that its air-tight but also easily accessible for the next cleaning.  We’ll make every effort we can to clean up around our work areas and leave your home cleaner than we found it… even the areas outside of the ducts.

In order to properly and carefully clean your air duct system, a technician is expected to spend a significant amount of time in your home. Even the smallest homes should take a couple hours for a solo technician to clean. Know, however, that there is no set equation linking the size of your home to the speed at which a technician cleans it.

Air duct cleaning cleaning is an investment in your family’s health. Consider the quality of the service before you choose the cheapest quote.  We aren’t trying to be the cheapest duct cleaning in town, we’re trying to be the best.  You can trust Mountain Duct Cleaning to offer you the best air duct cleaning in Minnesota.

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