We can help with your dryer vent cleaning needs at any kind of property, large or small.

We have experience on properties with one dryer vent up to well over 500.

Large scale dryer vent cleaning jobs are one of our specialties.  Twin Cities Facility managers and property management companies can trust us with safe and efficient dryer vent cleaning services for their townhome associations, condominium buildings, senior care facilities and more.  We offer free estimates for these services and can offer great discounted pricing per-unit due to the higher number of vents we can clean per trip. 

Often these types of projects are ones that we repeat on a set schedule.  This may be every three years, every year, or sometimes even twice per year.  The type of building, vent construction and type of use all factor into that frequency.  Our team will work with you to determine the best path forward to keep all the vents at your facility running safely and efficiently.

Each multi-unit property is different and comes with new challenges.  We will work with you to determine the best approach for cleaning at your facility considering the safety not only of your property, but of its occupants as well as our technicians.  Our team is well trained in OSHA safety standards and are comfortable using all kinds of safety equipment including ladders, rooftop fall prevention harnesses and motorized boom lifts.  If rooftop work is required and your building doesn’t have anchor systems installed, we have our own anchor systems that are portable and don.t require holes to be drilled into your roof.

In the Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities, MN area, no dryer vent (or 500 of them) exists that we cant clean!

Types of Properties that we have the most experience with:

  • Senior Housing / Assisted Living Facilities
  • Townhome Associations
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings

We would love to provide a free proposal for your property.  Contact Us today.