Air Duct Cleaning will benefit the health and wellbeing of all who work or live in the building being treated. At Mountain Duct Cleaning we have an effective process called Source Removal. This process is most adaptable to many settings due to strictly following the ductwork in the building. Each building is different, so we tailor each job to fit your requirements. Our goal is to provide the best possible air duct cleaning service in Minnesota.  

Mountain Duct Cleaning’s process starts with attaching our collection system to the ductwork. We will make an effort to use an opening that already exists, but often we do need to cut an additional hole in the ductwork. All holes are patched over once the process is finished and will be air-tight. We also remove most, if not all vents to get the agitation equipment in, as simply blowing air through the vent cover is not adequate in most situations. 

In order to remove all the accumulated debris in your duct system, we first need to knock it loose. Mountain Duct Cleaning uses two main systems of agitation, rotary brushes of various sizes and air-powered whips. Our technician will determine which process is most adequate for each section of your air duct system. In most cases, we will use both systems within the same building to ensure we are able to give you the best service possible.

Once the debris is loosened from the sides and settled at the bottom of the ductwork, we use high pressure air to move contaminants to our collection points. Our HEPA filtered collection system pulls in air and debris and re-distributes hospital quality clean, odor-free air back into the building.

Mountain Duct Cleaning is committed to offering you the best air duct cleaning in Minnesota with upfront, guaranteed pricing. All our work is covered by our exclusive R&R Guarantee. Contact us today at 612-219-9297 so we can help!

Before & After

Coating of internally-lined ducts can restore the airside surfaces of the system.  This will not only seal in any loose fiberglass particles, but will also improve the efficiency of the system by making the internal surface of the ductwork smoother.  Available coatings are also anti-microbial and can help to resolve odor-issues after a fire in the building.