The day I struck it rich!

Posted May 17th 2013 by: Matt Mountain

After nearly 15 years years of cleaning air ducts I sometimes get in the mindset that I've seen it all. It's usually right about that time when I encounter something that actually surprises me; its always good when that surprise is one that can make you laugh. I had one of these experiences last summer.

Halfway through my last job of the week, I was cleaning a supply run in a child's room when my shop-vac hose plugged up. When I pulled the vacuum hose out of the vent I found a few pieces of Monopoly money stuck to the end. Although I couldn't remember finding Monopoly items in a vent before, it's pretty common to find toys of some sort in the bedroom vents of children. It's pretty easy for them to lift up the vent and throw stuff in. The most common things we see are Lego pieces and Barbie shoes (probably the ugly ones). As I continued to clean the vent, my vacuum kept plugging up and each time I pulled out the hose there was more Monopoly money. Eventually I also got property cards and even a couple chance cards (I don't remember if I found a "Get out of jail free" one). It just kept coming. By the time I had gotten the vent completely clean, I had what appeared to be most of the entire game (aside from the main playing board of course). When I called the customer into the room she was obviously a bit surprised. When she called her son into the room however, he was less than surprised...