Posted May 31st 2013 by: Matt Mountain

This project was a little different than the typical duct cleaning job. I received a call for a commercial duct cleaning bid at a local jewelry store. They knew their ducts needed to be cleaned because the registers on the ceiling vents were extremely dirty and looked pretty horrible against the white ceiling of the store. I provided them with a bid and although they chose not to do the full duct cleaning at that time, they still wanted to do something about those nasty looking vents.

Before shot of an overhead supply cover.

I could tell by looking at the vents that they weren’t going to come clean with just a brush and vacuum and not even scrubbing or power washing would make them look like new again. We decided that the best course of action would be to clean the registers, and then re-paint them with a rust-proof paint. Another technician and myself arrived at the store before hours and removed all the registers, bringing them outside to be cleaned. We scrubbed the vents with some Simple Green cleaner, let them dry, and re-painted them to look brand new. Below is a before and after picture showing the results.

Just a slight improvement I’d say…